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Just amazing!

2014-11-07 11:08:12 by Romekio


I am very new in flash world, maybe played some games and movies but about creating i am very very new in this world, while i was looking around in google i just found this amazing site, i toke a look for some mints and then i said WoW,Beauty. about the site it self it's just very beauty. 

about content, it's not just about creating a good flash game, movie or just an artwork, it's about making something really good enough to make a user not playing the game and then searching for anther without any memory about what is name of the site he/she was in right now!, not just this, you just found youself signing up then looking around in the site after somedays you are writing a post in flash games site!, but it's not just flash games site, it's an amazing flash world site, and it's about that, i am happy while i am here looking to amazing things i just loved it.

maybe you say it's so over but for me it's not, it's just i found a real flash world.

creators of this site, thank you for your amazing project.

authors, thank you very much for your elite work.

as a user i am enjoying playing games, watching movies, doing stuff, see some real good things.

as a student in flash world i am just in a place that got a real good flash teachers, thank you.

Eslam yosef.