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Just amazing!

2014-11-07 11:08:12 by Romekio


I am very new in flash world, maybe played some games and movies but about creating i am very very new in this world, while i was looking around in google i just found this amazing site, i toke a look for some mints and then i said WoW,Beauty. about the site it self it's just very beauty. 

about content, it's not just about creating a good flash game, movie or just an artwork, it's about making something really good enough to make a user not playing the game and then searching for anther without any memory about what is name of the site he/she was in right now!, not just this, you just found youself signing up then looking around in the site after somedays you are writing a post in flash games site!, but it's not just flash games site, it's an amazing flash world site, and it's about that, i am happy while i am here looking to amazing things i just loved it.

maybe you say it's so over but for me it's not, it's just i found a real flash world.

creators of this site, thank you for your amazing project.

authors, thank you very much for your elite work.

as a user i am enjoying playing games, watching movies, doing stuff, see some real good things.

as a student in flash world i am just in a place that got a real good flash teachers, thank you.

Eslam yosef.




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2014-11-10 03:06:30

According to one theory, Mt. Coronet is where the Sinnoh region began. In a newly created world... A world where only time flowed and space expanded.. There should have been no strife. But what became of that world? Because the human spirit is weak and incomplete, strife has appeared... This world is being ruined by it...I find the state of things to be deplorable...

Romekio responds:

Look MrApophis,
In games or out games, in real world or flash world, in any story that includes the human kind, you must know that is humans are completed and stronger than other kinds, and the prove on that is there is no kind in this world can do better than you, and truly they are here just to serve you and you already made a lot of things non of any other kind can do, maybe humans are not perfect and that is because humans are not machines, they are a live and they created machines.


2014-11-11 02:44:47

Romekio responds:

i like it, thank you


2014-11-12 18:44:48

Well gonna have fun on NG and looking forward to what you got